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I do not translate every single page of my website, but I summarize all the important information here and link to the relevant pages (in German).


Welcome to the homepage of Thomas Weber, wedding photographer from Oldenburg. A wedding is a unique experience that should be documented in photographs and be kept in good memory. With a wonderful wedding imagery you will be able to remember all these unforgettable moments and relive them – even after many years. I offer you emotional wedding reports which capture the many situations troughout the day so they can take you and your guests back as often as you like. As a wedding photographer, I do not only work around Oldenburg and Bremen, but I am also available throughout Germany and beyond.

My way of wedding photography

Unfortunately, wedding photographs are usually still being taken only in the registry office or church during the ceremony and afterwards portraits of the wedding couple and the family are made. Sometimes, wedding portraits are even taken in photo studios where the couples are put into different positions. These pictures often appear very strained and cramped. They just cannot transport the emotions and the happiness this special day evokes. Photos of the wedding celebration are mostly taken by relatives and turn out to be of substandard quality. A wedding consists not only of single photos/situations, but it is a synthesis of the arts, which should be documented and captured in wonderful wedding photographs. For this reason, in a wedding report, I accompany the couple starting with the preparation (dressing, hairdresser etc.), then to the ceremony and the wedding portraits until the end of the celebration. I document what I see, working unobstrusively letting the day unfold, capturing the magic of your day as it happens. Hereby, all photographs turn out significantly more natural and relaxed. There are often many small and unique situations that take place on the brink that are precious and memorable. In the course of the day, the guests will also take various photographs, but these usually are only of snapshot quality and are not comparable to professional photographs.


Engagement Shootings are a good way for the photographer to get to know the bride and groom and vice versa. Oftentimes, possible locations for the actual wedding shootings are being visited. These photographs can be used for invitations for instance. -> Engagement-Shootings

The wedding report completes the wedding imagery since it tells the whole story of this special day in all its diverts facets. You will come across situations that took place on the brink so that you didn´t even notice them. Usually the wedding report begins with the dressing and getting ready of the bride and groom. This gallery shows some extracts from different weddings. Please visit my blog for complete wedding reports. -> Getting-Ready -> Wedding Report -> Wedding Reception -> Details

Wedding Portraits are a very important element of the wedding day and the most important feature of wedding albums. They show the wedding couple in loving togetherness. You had better take some time into account for these photos – one or two hours are a good mediocrity. If this is beyond your possibilities, wedding portraits can also be taken any other day. Here you can be even more laid-back and relaxed and you may even be up to some funny and crazy ideas. I personally set a high value on the uniqueness of your photographs to make them different from classic wedding portraits. New ideas are fundamental. -> Wedding Portraits

Photobooth is an all new interpretation of the passport photomachine. We put up a professional studio flash system and a camera with self-timer in a seperate room or corner. Now, your guests can go crazy taking pictures of themselves and experiment all evening long. Even grouches will become animated. Believe me when I say: You have never seen your guest like that and these will be the funniest photographs of the entire evening. -> Photobooth

Despite the digital era, great wedding photographs are best be kept and shown in modern wedding albums. The printed picture unfolds its real and timeless effect only in a modern and high-quality album. You can take it from the cupboard any time and show it to your guests. My wedding albums are made in Italy or Germany – in accordance with your ideas – from the most diversive and best materials. When you slide your hands over the fine leather and open the coffee table album, you are most surely going to shed a tear. There is no way the timeless elegance of these albums can be shown via the internet. Let me invite you for a personal meeting, so I can give you some examples. In case your guests are still looking for a suitable wedding gift, they can purchase gift certificates for wedding albums and photograph prints. -> Wedding Albums

Please visit my blog for complete wedding reports. -> Blog


My range of services consist of the following:

  • Before every binding booking stands an extensive counseling interview in which the wedding couple can explain their wishes and we can get to know each other. Because of the extent of my experience, I can give useful tips for a good planning.
  • Engagement Shootings or Engagement-Videos are a good way for the photographer to get to know the bride and groom and vice versa. Oftentimes, possible locations for the actual wedding shootings are being visited. These photographs can be used for invitations for instance. I offer this kind of shooting only from Monday to Thursday.
  • Throughout the wedding day, I accompany the couple with my subtile photography in a modern report style. You will come across many precious situations that take place on the brink which you may not even have noticed. Usually, the wedding report begins with the dressing and getting ready of the couple and ends with the celebration. The shooting of the family portraits and couple portraits is also included.
  • I will be happy to put up Photobooth equipment for you so that your guests can take photos of themselves. This way, you will get some very entertaining pictures of your wedding.
  • If you don´t wish a complete wedding report, I can offer you Trash-the-Dress and After-Wedding-Shootings where you will be staged in a creative, daring and wacky way. I offer these kind of shootings only from Monday to Thursday.
  • The image editing is included, consisting of:
    • Selection and sorting of the best photographs
    • Optimization of cut, colour etc.
    • Retouch of the portraits, if necessary
    • In addicion, you will receive choosen photographs in black and white
  • You will get every edited photograph digitally (high resolution) which enables you to have them exposed/printed by any supplier of your choice. That makes a few hundred pictures (depending on the size oft the booked paket) without logo or watermark.
  • I will put up a web gallery, which you can present to guests and friends (protected by a personal password).
  • I offer you high-quality wedding albums (wedding books and coffee-table albums). They are handmade and produced in Italy, Spain and Germany (inter alia) and are of much higher quality than normal foto albums. I will be happy to show them to you.
  • There will be no hidden costs that arise for example from holding back negatives to evoke follow-up costs for more copies and prints.

I am available worldwide.

Vitae – About me

My name is Thomas Weber. I am a native of Berlin, born in 1979 and have been living in Oldenburg since 2002. I´ve been involved with potography since 2005, disvovering my passion for wedding photography.

My photographic path first led me through themes such as party, sports, portraits, studio and nude. The press became attentive to me quite fast – reporting and awarding some of my photographs. After these roundabouts I recognized my interest in the art of lively and emotional wedding photojournalism.

Therefore, at the end of 2009, I decided to differenciate between wedding photography and my other works on phothomas.de and am now presenting it on this website. In December of 2009, I was incorporated into the Wedding Photojournalist Association. My photos achieve good rankings in the photo contests of the WPJA. In 2013, I made it in on the top 100 of  the best international photographers in the WPJA, achieving an impressive 33rd place.

You can watch a short movie about me here -> Vita

International award winning photographer




For the first request you can write me an email. During the week, you can try to call me between 9-12 or 14-17 o’clock on Phone +49 441 5702856 or Mobile +49 162 6975162. No shop, no fixed opening hours, by appointment only. In case of long distances that make an appointment impossible, I can offer you skype or facetime video telephony to get to know you. Please send an email or call me to ask for my skype or facetime contact details.